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The Top 10 Professional WordPress Themes of 2016

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The Top 10 Professional WordPress Themes of 2016

According to the stats about WordPress themes usage, one in four websites (including blogs) uses a WordPress theme. That’s an amazing stat which literally means that one out of every four websites you have visited today use a WordPress theme. If not, the site you are on now uses a WordPress theme. Many sites, either personal blogs, business blogs, eCommerce stores, government websites and lots more use a WordPress theme because of it’s flexibility and user-friendliness amongst other things.

wordpress themes

Out of all the WordPress themes being used as they were created or customized to the user’s preference, there are some that were used heavily in 2016. This is probably because of their features and functionalities.

In case you are looking for the perfect theme for your project, the list as compiled by ThemeForest, the world’s largest WordPress marketplace, is what you should start your search with. These are the top WordPress themes released in 2016 on ThemeForest


Top 10 Professional WordPress Themes

Flow wordpress theme

FLOW is perfect for Blogs, Portfolios

If you’d like to start a blog, this unique theme has some great layouts and fun ways of loading posts. Whatever the type of post, you can be assured that it’ll look great. [Check out flow]

Factory wordpress theme

FACTORY is perfect for Business, Commercial, Industrial

Your website is the face of your company and this award-nominated corporate theme will help you keep up appearances. This site has all the functionality your website requires. [Check out factory]

Javo spot wordpress theme

JAVO SPOT is perfect for Commercial, Corporate, Multi-Purpose

Starting something that requires maps? Look no further than Javo Spot, which links up to Google Maps and offers advanced filters. [Check out Javo Spot]

Primrose wordpress theme

PRIMROSE is perfect for Creative, eCommerce

If you’re starting up an online store, Primrose offers that beautiful, minimal look without skimping on the features! It even offers a background video header, should you want the option. [Check out Primrose]

Bimber wordpress theme

BIMBER is perfect for Blog, Magazine, Social

Want to make your blog go viral? Bimber gives you the looks and attitude to go along with the amazing content that you’ve thought up. [Check out Bimber]

Grafik wordpress theme

GRAFIK is perfect for Agency, Business, Corporate

Bold and simple, Grafik is a theme designed with creative industries in mind. This theme allows you to showcase your work effortlessly. [Check out Grafik]

Suprema wordpress theme

SUPREMA is perfect for eCommerce, Multi-Purpose

For the classic e-commerce store, Suprema has all the bells and whistles – even customer logins!. [Check out Suprema]

Risotto wordpress theme

RISOTTO is perfect for Business, Cafe, Restaurant

If you want something a little more than a landing page with social links for your restaurant or café, try Rissotto. Unusually, there’s even a choice of skin colors to suit your business. [Check out Risotto]

Celebration wordpress theme

CELEBRATION is perfect for Blog, Celebration, Wedding

Perfect for the DIY couple who want to do it themselves. If you want to include your own photos and an instagram feed, this is perfect for you! [Check out Celebration]

Edugate wordpress theme

EDUGATE is perfect for Business, Education, Training

If you’re looking for an education or training portal, this website works for both online and offline educational services. Click here to explore! [Check out Edugate]

We hope that you have found on the list above, a professional WordPress themes to use for your online project. Make sure you use the one you’ve found to the best of its functionality. These WordPress themes are what you should invest in. Avoid getting a pirated copy.


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