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  • Social Media

    Tools to Make Your Online Business Relevant on Twitter

    You can make your online business relevant by making use of a set of tools that will put your business in the face of your target audience. Being relevant is a way in which your business products and services can become very “relevant” through the use social networking medias and social media tools. It is […]

  • How to

    Advertise on Make Money Online Nigeria

    Make Money Online Nigeria ( also known as “The Money Blog” is one of the best blogs in Africa dedicated to providing quality contents anyone can use for the purpose of building successful online businesses, making real money online and creating wealth legitimately. We have 80,000+ small business owners who learn from our contents on […]

  • Email Marketing

    How GMail’s DMARC Policy may Hurt Your Email Marketing Prowess

    You will need to understand what DMARC policy is if you do email marketing. In addition to this, if you use GMail for your email marketing services with a third-party email marketing software, you may be affected as GMail is updating their DMARC policy.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    6 Ways to Increase your Jumia Affiliate Revenue

    If you are an affiliate marketer with Jumia, the content in this post will show you 6 easy things you should do consistently if you really want to increase your Jumia affiliate revenue. These are practices recommended by Jumia to their affiliate marketers in order to provide you with even more opportunities to make money.

  • 10000USD 10000USD


    7 Reasons Why We Like to Make Money. Reason #3 is the Best

    We all like money to make money for different reasons. If I were to ask you why you like to make money, I’m sure that you’ll give lots of reasons. Today, I’ll be sharing with you 7 out of all the reasons why we like to make money. I need you to read this and […]

  • Blogging Tips

    How To Sell A Domain Name

    Either you have a domain name to sell or you are planning to sell one, the first thing you should know is how to price the domain name you want to sell. You should therefore understand how good your domain name is. What price will it get from a buyer? What type of TLD (suffix) […]

  • Internet Marketing

    Business Skills: Customer Relationship Management

    We spend a lot of time trying to get prospects to our business blogs, making sure it looks appealing when they get there and capturing their information. But unless we have a good place to store this information and an easy way to retrieve it, the leads won’t do us much good.

  • How to

    How to Generate Traffic by Giving Away Products

    When giving away free products, you should always be mindful of your final objective: to generate traffic for your site. And, when it comes down to it, the best way to do this is to create a great product that will circulate far; and will bring traffic back to your site. So, how can you […]

  • Internet Marketing

    3 Factors Affecting Online Advertising Sales

    There are many factors that affects online advertising sales. Some of these factors include the website’s demographics, the richness and reach of the advertisements, and the conversion the site can generate. Other factors, such as the type & design of advertisement used and the placement of the advertisement on the page affects the number of […]

  • Mobile internet users Mobile internet users

    Mobile Marketing

    How Mobile Internet affects Doing Business in Nigeria

    With sub-US$50 smartphones on the way, rapid improvements to telecom infrastructure, and the availability of affordable cloud applications, the mobile internet is rapidly transforming the way that Nigeria does business.

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