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    AdDynamo Sponsored Tweets: Get Paid to Tweet

    Ad Dynamo operates a global pay per click advertising marketplace. Founded early in 2009, Ad Dynamo has quickly established itself as a key role player in the online advertising space. Invenfin (a subsidiary of Remgro) is a Venture Capital fund and holds a stake in Ad Dynamo, along with the original founders.

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    Terms and Conditions

    Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions, which together with our privacy policy govern our relationship with you in relation to this website.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Money

    Mobile money is an innovation that would help so many online (and offline) businesses. This is because it will make payment faster and most times you won’t have to ask your customers to go and make payments in bank when they can conveniently make payment with the use of mobile money. This post will answer […]

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    Blog Business Plan

    Behind every successful business, there is a plan. Behind every successful blog/blogger, there is also a plan. The plan contains what a blog business look like; who works there; how does it operate etc While every business is unique in its operation, it’s possible to draw out a plan to get a picture of what […]

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    Blogging as a Business

    Approaching blogging as an entrepreneur looking to build a business, is very different from the view taken by a hobby blogger. From the very beginning, you will be planning and thinking about the blog as a product: what it will cost, what it might return, how it will grow, and where it’s heading. You might […]

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    How to Conduct a Pregnancy Test using your Smart Phones

    Before we get into what brought you here, please read the useful information about your GSM phones as related to Nigeria. So, if you are in Nigeria and you use any of the networks we have in Nigeria, you should keep your eyes focused as we run through this post. You will find useful information […]

  • Blogging Tips

    Part 6: How to Build an Income Generating Blog from Scratch

    Another good step you need to take in building an income generating blog is to get your blog indexed on major search engines like Google, BING and MSN. Being indexed refers to getting your blog/website into the search engines index and therefore appearing on the search engine results pages (often called SERPs).

  • Blogging Tips

    Part 5: How to Build an Income Generating Blog from Scratch

    To build an income generating blog like Make Money Online Nigeria, you need to use WordPress. Most successful blogs are built on WordPress, yours should not be an exception. After registering your domain name and purchased a basic hosting account, the next thing to do is to install WordPress, WordPress Theme and WordPress Plugins.

  • Blogging Tips

    Part 4: How to Build an Income Generating Blog from Scratch

    I assume you already know what type of market and what your niche is and also that you have chosen the best blogging platform. After getting that done, the next thing you need to do is buy a domain name – a website name related to your market. Choosing a domain name for your blog […]

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    Part 3: How to Build an Income Generating Blog from Scratch

    People who go on to the internet, go for one reason. The reason is to find information related to what they are looking for. They go to Google or MSN or BING and conduct a search to see what information is available for free or to buy. Once they do, they copy it or print […]

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