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    Discount Deal: Get 50% off Your Web Hosting Cost

    You can get a reduction on your web hosting cost by signing up with Bluehost. This is because Bluehost is dropping their hosting rates this month and they want you to take advantage of the reduced price while you can. As an affiliate and a user of Bluehost, I recommend their hosting service to you. […]

  • income report July 2016 income report July 2016

    Income Report’s Traffic and Income Report: July 2016

    After 6 years of running this blog, I am publishing an income report for the first time. The truth is, I have never believed in publishing a post about the income this blog ( generates every month. The reason for that is just because I believe there are other more useful posts to publish rather […]

  • How to

    This is How to Choose an Influencer Marketer for Your Campaigns

    If you want good results (conversion and sales) based on your goals, then you need to know how to choose an influencer who will contribute towards your business goals by carrying out inbound marketing for your business. Influencer marketing is one of the ways you can get the word out about your business’ products or […]

  • Entrepreneurship

    How to Use the Power of PRISM to Build Your Online Business

    Building an online business is tough. If you are not tough, you will find yourself losing a lot. However, you can use the power of PRISM to win customers and sales for your online business Only tough people wins doing business online. It will take you a lot of hard work to make a profit […]

  • Blogging Tips

    Limited Time Deal: Get 60% Discount on Web Hosting in Nigeria

    Are you considering getting a web hosting in Nigeria so you can upgrade your blogging platform? Or are you looking for a cheaper way to start your blog in Nigeria? If you answered yes to any of the questions. Or you know someone who will answer yes to any. You will find below, the smart […]

  • Site News

    The Money Blog ( is 6! + Your Benefit from This

    On the 28th of June 2010, I registered The Money blog domain name as for the purpose of teaching Nigerians, Africans and the world the best ways to make money online, build successful online business and create wealth legitimately while also making more money as I teach people to make more money online. I […]

  • Blogging Tips

    6 Ways to Make Money Blogging

    If you don’t know already, blogging is a legitimate way to make money online. And you will be learning about the 6 things you can do to make money blogging. These things are very doable and they are what you should get involved in if you are really considering making money from blogging. I like […]

  • receive online payments receive online payments

    Site News

    Let’s Receive Online Payments on Your Behalf

    We know you do make money online legitimately and we want to receive online payments on your behalf. Why so? This is because of the obvious reasons! The mostly used payment method is PayPal and as you know, Nigerians living in Nigeria can only make payments with PayPal at the moment. The feature to receive […]

  • Internet Marketing

    Here are 9 Reasons Why you Should start Using PureVPN

    Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a group of computers (or discrete networks) connected together over the internet. When you connect to a VPN, you usually launch a VPN client on your computer (or click a link on a special website), log in with your credentials, and your computer exchanges trusted keys with a far away […]

  • Blogging Tips

    Christmas In July Sale 40% Off: Hosting at $3.49/month

    It’s the season for Bluehost July Sale where you have the opportunity to get a basic plan hosting account at the rate of $3.49/month. The basic plan is good for you if you want to run a low scale (a small niche based) blogging platform or if you are just starting out and you want […]

The Money Blog ( was created in July 2010 by Adesoji Adegbulu to provide quality contents anyone can use for the purpose of building successful online businesses, making real money online and creating wealth legitimately.

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