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  • Blogging Tips

    Black Friday 2016: Mega Deals You May Be Interested in as a Blogger

    Another Black Friday is upon us. It is usually celebrated on the Friday after thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. It was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. As we […]

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Building a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Site for More Passive Income

    I’ve had lots people who ask me, “How do I Start an Affiliate Marketing Site?”. This article is an answer to that question. There are lots of affiliate marketing websites examples built on the concept you will find in this article. Some are built solely for affiliate marketing while others are integrated into other popular […]

  • Affiliate Marketing

    How to Position Affiliate Links Wisely for More Click Throughs

    For successful affiliate marketing, it is important that an affiliate marketer knows where to position affiliate links in a blog post in order to generate more click-throughs. It is believed that more click-through leads to more visit to the product/service an affiliate is recommending. Also with increased click-throughs comes more sales and commissions from the […]

  • Email Marketing

    3 Smart Ways to Increase Conversions with Email Marketing

    Email marketing is an important strategy to execute if you really want to increase conversions for what you are selling on your blog. However, many do not know how to really execute their email marketing strategy to get the conversions they really desire. As it is our custom to show people what needs to be […]

  • adsense earnings adsense earnings

    Blogging Tips

    $200+ AdSense Earnings in A Day: The Story of a Reader

    It’s no news that one of the smart ways to make money online is with Google AdSense. However, lots of people really suck at getting huge AdSense earnings daily or monthly. This is because they either know too little or know too much. Those who know too little never know and do what is really […]

  • get recurring traffic get recurring traffic

    How to

    How to Get Recurring Traffic to Your Blog without a Lot of Work

    There are various ways to get recurring traffic to your blog. I’m not sure how many you use already but it’s not bad to add another to your traffic generation arsenal. The way you will find in this article is what has been in existing for a long time. Which means, you may have tried […]

  • Social Media

    Do you Know How Often You Should Post on Social Media?

    Do you wonder how often you should post on social media to increase engagement and get more followers? If you do, you are not left out. Most people do. That’s because there’s an art and science of posting on social media. This art and science is what you need to follow if you really want […]

  • Blogging Tips

    SEO Hacks to Increase Your Search Traffic: Eliminate Website Flaws

    There are several SEO hacks SEO newbies can perform on their blogs. One of such is to eliminate website flaws. As you may have known, SEO means search engine optimization. Which entails the thing you need to do to make your website or blog rank high and easily accessible via search engines like Google, Bing, […]

  • online income online income

    Internet Marketing

    3 Proven Ways to Triple Your Online Income in 60 Days

    You can triple your online income. The truth is, so many people make real money online. The only difference is the volume of income people make. (Actually, some people claim to make money online but they don’t). Some make a three figure income monthly while some make up to six or seven figures every month. […]

  • contents that sells contents that sells

    Content Marketing

    3 Types of Contents that Sells even When Your are Not Selling

    Do you want to sell more via your blogs and your online platforms? One of the best ways to do that is to post contents that sells. No, I don’t mean you should spam your readers and your friends with something that always show you only care about yourself. If you want a lasting return, […]

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