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  • Content Marketing

    The’s Best of 2016: Content Marketing Strategies

    In continuation of the series on the’s best of 2016 series, here are the top contents on content marketing strategies published on this blog in 2016. If you didn’t get the earlier best of 2016, you can read them via the links below.

  • Blogging Tips

    The’s Best of 2016: Blogging Strategies

    For the’s best of 2016 series, I had published Best of 2016: Affiliate Marketing Strategies. However, In this article, you will get a summary of the best contents on blogging strategies that got the most views and usages by of thousands (and hundreds of thousands) people all over the world who are into blogging.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    The’s Best of 2016: Affiliate Marketing Strategies

    It’s the time of the year to let you know and get access to the best contents published on the Money Blog during the year 2016. In this article, you will get a summary of the best contents on affiliate marketing strategies that got the most views and usage by thousands (and hundreds of thousands) […]

  • Online Business News

    What Localising Internet Traffic means to a Nigerian Blogger

    In the digital economy, the rate of growth of internet traffic is a useful indicator to measure the health of the internet ecosystem. It also helps to measure how a country is growing its digital economy. As a blog/website owner, you know important it is to get massive traffic to your blog every day and […]

  • make money online make money online

    How to

    This is How to Make Money Online in Nigeria for FREE

    While you were sleeping, I discovered the best way anyone can make money online in Nigeria for FREE. Which means, you would not need to do any work to start making lots of money online. You also won’t need to learn, buy or sell anything before you start making online in Nigeria for free. You […]

  • Site News

    The Resources Used on Make Money Online Nigeria (

    In this post, you would find a list of the resources we use on this blog. This is a list of tools, software and services we use to make this blog one of the best. We are sharing this to help you improve your online business by using the resources. However, please note that some […]

  • Tools

    The Top 10 Professional WordPress Themes of 2016

    According to the stats about WordPress themes usage, one in four websites (including blogs) uses a WordPress theme. That’s an amazing stat which literally means that one out of every four websites you have visited today use a WordPress theme. If not, the site you are on now uses a WordPress theme. Many sites, either […]

  • Blogging Tips

    LTO: Start Your Website Today with a $0.01 per Month Hosting Account

    Are you looking for a cheap way to get started with your own website? I know, to start your website can cost you a lot. I also know that as someone just getting started, you have limited financial resources to spend a lot on starting your own website. However, if you want to start on […]

  • Blogging Tips

    10 Types of Spam Blogs that face Google’s Search Penalty

    Search engine optimisation is a very important thing to do for your blogs and website in order to rank high on the search engines most especially on Google search. However, most blogs face Google’s search penalty which gets the blogs permanently removed from Google search results. It’s safer to do the right thing and get […]

  • Email Marketing

    How to Use Email Autoresponder

    What is an Email Autoresponder? An email autoresponder is a sequence of emails sent to those who subscribe to the campaign you have series of emails for. Those emails are setup to go out at predetermined intervals automatically.

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