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Tools to Make Your Online Business Relevant on Twitter

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Tools to Make Your Online Business Relevant on Twitter

You can make your online business relevant by making use of a set of tools that will put your business in the face of your target audience. Being relevant is a way in which your business products and services can become very “relevant” through the use social networking medias and social media tools. It is a way of creating a social networking embrace of a product and services. There are lots of tools to use if you want to make your online (small) business relevant. Here, you will find the ones you should use.


Why Make Your Online Business Relevant?

I can tell you a lot of reasons why you should make your online business relevant. The most important thing is, the world is social (and getting more social on social networks), your clients are social-being, your products/services needs to serve a social purpose. If you don’t make your online business relevant, you are as good as not doing business at all.

You can use to help build and nurture relationships with your supporters, influencers in your business niche and potential customers on Twitter. In addition, you get free twitter analytics; manage multiple profiles for your business; know who to follow or unfollow; and what content to post.

The basic service, which is free, keeps track of your most valuable followers and interactions. You’ll know whom to follow, whom to thank and to whom you need to respond—all of which you can do directly within the tool. Also, you can quickly spot your most active conversation buddies in your niche.

In addition to the dashboard, has reporting functionality. It lists hard-to-find stats in one place, including new followers, the handles of who stopped following you, RTs of your content, direct messages and total reach. It also records this social activity for your Twitter handle, so you can keep tabs on your own contributions and connections in the Twitterverse.




You need to keep track of the people you follow on Twitter as well as the people who follow you. To do this effectively, you’ll need a social media relationship management tool called ManageFlitter.

On a basic level, you can quickly see who isn’t following you and then have the option of unfollowing these people in bulk. Also, you can use to tool to weed out spam followers or irrelevant followers that won’t be beneficial to your business. In addition, you can use ManageFlitter to follow people that someone else follows. This is a great way of following the same people that follow another business in your field. If they follow your competitor then they are likely to follow you. Also, you will be able to know the best time to post tweets that would reach your followers and track your keywords effectively on Twitter.

Manage Flitter has a free plan as well as several paid plans. The free plan allows you to unfollow up to 200 people every day as well as unfollow fake and inactive accounts. The pro accounts allow you to unfollow unlimited people as well as follow the followers of another user. However, make sure you know your Twitter limits so you don’t end up getting banned.

(Visit ManageFlitter)



SocialOomph is a social media management tool that provides a broad range of functionality for sharing content, finding people to follow on Twitter and much more.

With SocialOomph, you can create a queue of content for auto-scheduling to a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also use it to find relevant people to follow on Twitter with advanced filters; track keyword mentions and schedule/publish blog posts.

(Visit SocialOomph)

There are so many other tools you can use to make your online business relevant on other social media sites. Use the ones above to get your business lively on Twitter and start generating more views, leads and sales.


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