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You can book me for your online business coaching/training/mentoring using the booking calendar provided below.

Online Business Coaching/Training.

I’ll provide a one-on-one mentoring session for you based on the successful online business models you can use to make money online, build online businesses and create wealth legitimately. Each mentoring takes a minimum of 2 (two) hours and you can make a booking using the available training/booking slots available below. Your booking will be confirmed and further information will be sent to you.

For any further clarification, please send a mail to me via the email admin AT mmo DOT ng

Please note, the booking calendar works best on a PC/iPad/tablet. The truth is, you’ll need either a PC or iPad/tablet to access my training/mentoring sessions.

Here’s how the calendar works.

1. Click on a date you want the training to see the available appointments. (At least one week ahead of today’s date).
2. Choose the time slot(s) you want.
3. If you are a new customer, you will need to register to book/request an appointment. If you are a current customer (I.e. a subscriber), you will need to login to book/request an appointment.
4. Fill in your details, click on “request appointment” and wait for while. You will get an email with your booking confirmation.
5. I’ll send you a follow-up email with the training/mentoring sign up form and also with further details.
February 2017
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