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Guest posting on big blogs like ours will help your blog in so many important ways. One of such important ways is that you will become recognized by so many other people who read this blog. In addition to that, you would be relating and networking with more bloggers and those interested in online business.

So, how do you get this started?


Guest Posting Details

First and foremost, I need to say thank you for your interest in writing for MMO.NG as a guest blogger/author. As you might have known, our main agenda is to teach people how they can start making real money online legally, build successful online businesses and also create wealth legitimately. And this we achieve by publishing posts related with making real money online, creating successful online businesses and also creating wealth. To this effect, your guest post must fulfill this agenda and provide our readers the opportunity to make real money online, create successful online businesses and also create wealth. This is the kind of guest post we are looking for.

If you have articles/guest posts that meet the agenda above, feel free to submit them for our review. Once you send in your guest post for our review, we will look it up as soon as possible. After we do and we find your post useful, you would get mail from us informing you that your guest post has been scheduled for a certain day and time. This would help you get prepared for its publishing.

At this point, I’m sure you now understand the type of guest post we are looking for. So, it’s time you send in your guest post for our review. Use the post editor below to add your guest post. Please note, in addition to your guest post, you are required to send the following details below. You can add them at the end of the post

– Your Full Name
– Your Email Address
– Your Blog/Website URL
– Brief Description of yourself and what you do.
– To which category does your submitted post belong to?


Please note, all the external links to your own things that you may add to the guest post will be removed. This is because we don’t accept guest posts with links to other sites or your own sites. However, we accept just one external link to your site/blog and that will be shown (un-hyperlinked) in the author’s bio. If you want the links not to be removed, we can make that possible. You will need to contact us for that arrangement.

We would send you a mail to acknowledge our receiving your details and guest post. After which, you will receive further mails from us.

Once again, thanks for your interest in submitting guest posts for our review and publishing. We are glad to have you as one of the contributors to the success and greatness of this blog. And if by chance or arrangement, you know anyone that needs to learn how to make real money online, you should send them to and also, you can refer your friends to also submit their guest post.


The Money Blog ( was created in July 2010 by Adesoji Adegbulu to provide quality contents anyone can use for the purpose of building successful online businesses, making real money online and creating wealth legitimately.

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