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How to Setup, Maintain and Monetize Your WordPress Blog

I talk about WordPress blog a lot. Not only that I know how to use it but also because I recommend it any day anytime for those who want to have their own personal blog, business blog etc. This is because WordPress is easy to setup, maintain and also monetize. In addition to this, most blogs are built on the platform of WordPress.

wordpress-logoAll my functional blogs are WordPress based. In this post, you will learn how to setup, maintain and monetize your very own WordPress blog. This post is specifically written for those who are just getting started with blogging and those who intend to move their blogs to the WordPress platform.

Please note, the WordPress I’m referring to is not the free WordPress blog that you can easily setup by going to I don’t recommend this to you simply because it has so many limitations as at the time of writing this post. I don’t know when it will be upgraded to be of great use. You can wait till then when you have a better option. By WordPress, I mean the WordPress that comes with your purchase of a hosting account. With this, you will have a full control of your WordPress administration. This is the kind of WordPress most effective and excellent blogs use.

I have written a couple of posts about this WordPress that would be of great use for you. You can check out some of them as listed below;

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