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Let’s Receive Online Payments on Your Behalf

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Let’s Receive Online Payments on Your Behalf

We know you do make money online legitimately and we want to receive online payments on your behalf. Why so? This is because of the obvious reasons! The mostly used payment method is PayPal and as you know, Nigerians living in Nigeria can only make payments with PayPal at the moment. The feature to receive money in your Nigerian PayPal account will soon be made available. Until then, you can use our service to receive online payments.


How Can We Help You Receive Online Payments?

It’s simple! First, you need to trust us to deliver. After which, you need to follow the instructions further below so we can really make the transaction happen for you without hassles. Talking about trust, I have run this service privately for a while now.The people I have helped received online payments with PayPal are always satisfied with the transactions. I am making this service public because the request for the service is expanding and I think you too can benefit from it.

Here are testimonies from some of the people who use the PayPal payment service.

“Adesoji is highly recommended if you need someone you can trust to receive PayPal funds for you. He has been helping me to receive PayPal payments from international agencies that pay for sponsored posts and adverts on my blog. He deposits the Naira equivalent to my GTBank without delay. He is the man!” – Jide Ogunsanya :

“I lost a lot of opportunities due to my inability to receive funds via PayPal in Nigeria, but since I found out about Soji’s services that problem became a thing of the past. He helps me receive funds through PayPal at a very reasonable rate and the exchange rate is also very nice.” – Biyi Akangbe,

What Do You Need to Do?

Whenever you want to receive online payments from companies or brands (not individuals), you can contact me via admin AT mmo DOT ng or use the contact form on the contact us page. Please make sure you use PayPal service as the title of your email or choose “Service request” if you are using the contact form on the contact us page. Or use the form below.

When sending the contact message, please include the name of the company/brand or the contact person in the company that will be sending the PayPal funds, the amount you will be receiving, your full name, your email address, your phone number(s), your home address, your bank account details, your bank’s branch and for what reasons you are receiving the money (e.g. affiliate commissions, sponsored post payment, advert placement etc. Please note, the least PayPal funds I can receive on your behalf is $100. I need those details to be able to appropriately know the funds are yours and to also have your correct details so I don’t send your money to someone else.

What are the Service Charges?

I charge only 10% of the PayPal funds you receive after PayPal removes their transaction charges. For example, let’s say you are receiving $1,000. PayPal will remove like $29.30. as transaction fees. So, I’ll get like $970.70 on your behalf. My charges will then be $97.07. In the end, you get the Naira equivalent of $873.63. At this point, sceptics will ask something like “Hmm, so you want to remove $97.07 from my money ehn?”. My response to skeptics like that is, “Paying $97.07 to get $873.63 or losing all the $970.70 ($873.63 + $97.07), which one do you prefer? Your choice!”

With that settled, the next thing you need to know is how long will it take for you to receive the Naira equivalent of the funds and what exchange rate do I use? You will get the Naira equivalent of the funds I receive on your behalf in your bank account within 2-5 days. The exchange rate is not fixed (possibly Western Union exchange rate). It depends on the current exchange rate when I’m sending the Naira equivalent to your account. You will be notified after the transaction has been completed.

Looking forward to do business with you.



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I'm an Online Business Coach and Inbound Marketing Strategist. I created The Money Blog ( in July 2010 to provide quality contents anyone can use for the purpose of creating successful online businesses, making real money online and creating wealth legitimately.



  1. Ayo

    Jul 23, 2016 at 08:11

    Very very nice. Been looking all ways for someone to entrust with my PayPal funds made from my fiverr. I’d love to have your contact here sir?

    • Adesoji

      Jul 23, 2016 at 12:43


      I’m glad you want to entrust this to us. Please, contact me via the contact form above.


  2. Femi Iyanda

    Jun 29, 2016 at 16:32

    Soji, thumbs up mehn! I came across your blog on google firstpage. You sure did a great job staying in the position since 2010.

    I could not sign up for an affiliate program just because my paypal cannot receive. Terrible case! So my question? Who owns the paypal account? You I guess? Or are you going to open one in my own name? Secondly, the commission is monthly residual income. Will you send me an income statement to show all the payments I received?

    • Adesoji

      Jun 29, 2016 at 17:32

      Thanks Femi. It’s a great job indeed, staying on the first page for so long.

      I am not in the service of opening PayPal account for people. This service is ONLY for helping people receive PayPal funds then sending/transferring the Naira equivalent to people’s account.

      Also, there is no need for me to send you a monthly income statement to show all the payments you received. This is because you get your commissions (monthly residual income) once a month and you only need to request withdrawal once a month to my PayPal. So, you already know the payments you received and that is what will be transferred to me so I can send you the Naira equivalent (after charges are removed).

  3. Sam

    Jun 28, 2016 at 11:03

    I’m so excited to here about this. You are doing a great work. I have been looking for a way to solve this Paypal issue. I will contact you soon for the service sir.

  4. niyi

    Jun 25, 2016 at 08:55

    I want to be an affiliate for an ebook but i am being asked to submit my paypal email to receive commission.with this service how can i go about it.thanks

    • Adesoji

      Jun 25, 2016 at 09:33

      It depends on how often the eBook seller pays affiliates the commissions. I’m sure the payments are not instant, so you can accumulate your commissions till it a minimum of $100. Then get in touch with us.

  5. niyi

    Jun 25, 2016 at 08:50

    I am highly delighted reading this but my question is, does that mean a single transaction must be 100$ or it can accrued to $100 before I can withdraw it.

    • Adesoji

      Jun 25, 2016 at 09:31

      Hi Niyi,

      Yes, a single transaction must be a minimum of $100 or you it can be accrued to a minimum of $100 and then ask for a withdrawal.

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The Money Blog ( was created in July 2010 by Adesoji Adegbulu to provide quality contents anyone can use for the purpose of building successful online businesses, making real money online and creating wealth legitimately.

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