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Make Money Online Nigeria Monthly Traffic Report

Here is the traffic report for Make Money Online Nigeria for the previous month (in comparison with the month before the previous month). We used to make available all the Monthly traffic report for this blog since it’s start but I had to stop doing that because the report was getting longer for just one page. Therefore, what you will see below is the report for the previous month.


Traffic Report by Google Analytics
Traffic Types
August 1 – 31st 2014
July 1 – 31st 2014
2.Page Views67,42632,220
3.% Bounce Rate12.07%25.85
4.% New Visits/Sessions82.99%81.09
5.Activities (Users)17,14316,369
6.AwStats Hits2,151,1242,276,274
Ranking Report by Google and AlexaRank TypesAugust 1 – 31st 2014 July 1 – 31st 2014
1.Google Page Rank2 for, 0 for mmo.ng2 for, 0 for
2.Global Alexa Rank219,040993,785
3.Nigeria Alexa Rank9254,948
Social Followers and Subscribers StatsTypesAugust 1 – 31st 2014June 1 – 30th 2014
4.Email Subscribers6,8375,793
Top Country visitsAugust 1 – 31st 2014 June 1 – 30th 2014
2.United StatesUnited States
4.KenyaUnited Kingdom
7.BoliviaSouth Africa
8.United KingdomBolivia
Visits sourceTypes of DeviceAugust 1 – 31st 2014 July 1 – 31st 2014

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