Make Money Online Nigeria Monthly Traffic Report

Here is the traffic report for Make Money Online Nigeria for the previous month (in comparison with the month before the previous month). We used to make available all the Monthly traffic report for this blog since it’s start but I had to stop doing that because the report was getting longer for just one page. Therefore, what you will see below is the report for the previous month.

Traffic Report by Google Analytics

Month: July 1 – 31st 2014 (June 1 – 30th 2014)
Visits/Sessions: 77,248 (54,392)
Page Views: 128,880 (107,196)
% Bounce Rate: 25.85 (32.22)
% New Visits/Sessions: 81.09 (79.28)
Activities (Users): 65,467 (65,432)
AwStats Hits: 2,276,274 (1,593,337)

Ranking Report

Month: July 1 – 31st 2014 (June 1 – 30th 2014)
Google Page Rank: 2 for, 0 for
Global Alexa Rank: 228,368 (244,929) for, 993,785 for
Nigeria Alexa Rank: 2,951 (2,967) for, 4,948 for

Social Followers and Subscribers Stats

Month: July 1 – 31st 2014 (June 1 – 30th 2014)
Facebook: 10,938 (10,926)
Twitter: 1,772 (1,767)
Google+: 180 (259)
Email Subscribers: 5,793 (5,683)

Top Country visits: July 1 – 31st 2014 (June 1 – 30th 2014)
1. Nigeria (United States)
2. United States (Nigeria)
3. India (United Kingdom)
4. United Kingdom (India)
5. Netherlands (South Africa)
6. Indonesia (Ghana)
7. South Africa (Belgium)
8. Bolivia (Uganda)
9. Kenya (Indonesia)
10. Brazil (Ireland)

Visits source: July 1 – 31st 2014

1. Mobile: 71.50%
2. Desktop: 25.63%
3. Tablet: 2.87%

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  • hello uncle soji, i dont anyone to tell me that this is as a result of your hard work. nevertheless and sorry for my prying into ur privacy but could you pls disclose the estimate of your monthly earnings? i’m a curios and this money inclined person.

    • Hi Chukwuka, thanks. Disclosing the estimate of my monthly income? Yes, i can do that but don’t expect them in figures. I can only list them in percentages and where they come from. Thanks for suggesting that

  • Thanks SOJ, kindly keep it up and dont stop publishing this analytics of a thing because it inspire young bloggers like us to keep doing more.


    Happy Blogging!

  • Oga Soji, keep it up. I can see the way you start. My blog is new as well with 3 figures visits daily. I believe I will get there in BoyIIMen voice lol. Keep it up. Besides, how do you create your table, so neat and organize on mobile and desktop. Mine look de organize even when arranging, it final output still bad and even worse on mobile. Any plugin or technique you use.

  • That's impressive keep it up! I'm inspire wish u more success , have learn many thing through your "the book of solution " yet no find a genuie.

  • Mhen! I love this stat. What the secret so I can apply it on my blog?

  • This is so impressive, nice work bro…

  • Nice one there, I love the way you did it starting from the very begining.

    Actually I would like to do the same for my site but the Google Analytics thing pises me off.

    How do I achieve similar thing?

    • Thanks, Azubuike,

      To achieve similar thing with Google Analytics, you’ll need to check the statistics on a monthly basis. You’ll start from the very first month, write down the stats and do the same for every other months.

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  • A very impressing performance

  • New Blog Post: Make Money Online Nigeria Monthly Traffic Report (According to Google Analytics)


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