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This mobile marketing course is for you if you are wondering which online business you can do successfully or you are finding it difficult to succeed in your mobile marketing business. This is the best mobile marketing course I have ever seen and I am recommending it for you. If you read my post on the Most Profitable Online Business Niches for 2015, you will see that I made mention of mobile monetization where you need to monetize the mobile traffic your blog gets. This is simply because lots of Nigerians (about 117 million people) use their mobile phones. According to Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC), about ₦5 Million worth of SMS is sent monthly.

Learning from this Mobile Marketing Course will put you in front of these people and you make lots of money monthly with this. By now, you should know that lots of people prefer to use their mobile phones rather than reading the newspapers, watching TV, listening to radio etc. In fact, if you have a smartphone, you can read the newspapers, watch TV, listen to radio etc all on your mobile phone. I’m sure most people are reading this from their mobile phones. Everyone has the opportunity to make the best of the mobile marketing revolution that has taken over the world. Either as an individual or as a business owner, you can solve the major marketing challenges you face with the Smart Mobile Marketing Course. This course is from a Mobile Marketing Veteran I know. My first comment when I saw the course was “This is the best course I’ve ever seen on mobile marketing. The value is way more than the cost”. You will be glad to be trained by a mobile marketing veteran.

smart mobile marketing course

From this mobile marketing course, you will learn;

  • How to freely set up a special kind of shortcode that works across major mobile networks globally which people can use to pay for your digital products online.
  • How to set up a free premium caller tune at a zero cost.
  • How to set up a premium shortcode for ₦10,000 or less.
  • How to set up a Shortcode SMS Betting system.
  • How to generate highly verified phone number of any category including name, email, address using a secret Online Data Harvester.
  • How to venture into the Recharge card printing business with as low as N3,000. (without any startup capital or special software)
  • How to develop mobile applications and make money selling them online on Google play store and others.
  • How to expand your website/blog, product and service offerings from your computer (desktop or laptop) to the Mobile Web.
  • …and lots more.

This course has 24 modules with power-packed trainings on everything you need to succeed as a mobile marketer in Nigeria. And the good thing is, the trainings are packaged in 4 DVDs ‎‎(‎‎Over 16GB‎‎)‎‎ containing comprehensive step-by-step videos of all the modules, the mobile leads harvester software, sample proposals for mobile marketing services and other online marketing tools. The Smart Mobile Marketing Course tutors are Victory Akpomedaye, CEO‎,‎ SupremeWEB Solutions Limited and Joshua Johnson ‎- CEO‎,‎ ProInsight Technologies.



Now, you have a choice. If you want to be part of the remaining 80% that struggles for the left overs, you can go ahead close this page. If you want to be part of the 20% who earn 80% of the mobile marketing profit, then go ahead and get the (click here ->) Smart Mobile Marketing Course right now directly from the mobile marketing veteran.



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  1. omoniyi ekogbemi says

    I’m interested in doing a mobile marketing course. I’m a filmTV producer, and recently sojourned into experimential marketing too. I really need a course like this, so I understand how to exploit social media marketing in enhancing my business. Please, get to me through my mail on course fees, duration, location, course outline and lecture timetable payment options also).

    Mr. Eko

    • says

      Hello Mr. Eko,

      Thanks for your interest in the mobile marketing course. The answers you request are already answered in this article/post. Please, kindly re-read carefully and then click on the “Buy Now” button to read more about this course and how you can make payment.


  2. Daudu says

    Sir… I must say u are good. You are a nice. Every person you have introduced to me through your email updates are really good people. It was through your email I got introduced to Mr. Akan and now Mr. Victory. I have read about him on his blog and I think he is making cool cash. So because you have recommended him on your blog, I am going to purchase this from him. Thank you. But sir, would it not be good if you begin to create products also and sell? You are good. Thumbs up

    • says

      Hi Daudu,

      It’s good to know that the people are good to you. I only recommend good people and good products which are useful to my readers/subscribers. You should purchase this mobile marketing course and use it for good.

      Thanks for your question. This blog ( is a product on it’s own which is useful for everyone.

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