How I Buy Things with Paypal With or Without a Verified Paypal Account


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There is no doubt that buying ebooks, softwares, themes, templates and the likes using PayPal is VERY difficult for most Nigerians to do. This blog teaches how to make money online. And there are times you would need to buy ebooks so that you can read them and apply. You would also need to do so many things that buying them using PayPal becomes an hindrance. Anyway, I buy stuff on PayPal and I will show you how in a jiffy.

verified-paypalI am sure that you might have heard and read so many stories that you need a verified account to successfully operate PayPal. Of a truth you need to do that but that is not the final. I need you to put everything you have learned at the back of your mind and read what I have for you with a fresh mind.

Here we go,

Recently, I purchased a WordPress Theme for one of my friends who requested for my WordPress Blog Setup and Maintenance service. I got the perfect theme but I needed to pay using PayPal. After creating an account with Theme Forest, I went ahead to buy the theme within few hours.

I couldn’t use the first option because I needed a MoneyBrookers account which is not available for Nigerians too. I didn’t have to bother myself with that because I had a better option which is PayPal.

Clicking on the ‘Buy Now (via PayPal)’ took me to the payment page where I needed to sign into my PayPal account. After which I successfully deposited the required amount for the WordPress theme, I was able to get the theme within few hours.

After paying for the WordPress Theme with PayPal, I got a payment notification in my email address and I was able to successfully download the theme.

So, how did I make the payment?

I use two methods, 1. without a verified PayPal account and 2. with a verified PayPal account.


1. How I Buy Things with Paypal Without a Verified PayPal Account

Whenever I need to do this, I get in touch with one of my friends in the United States who then helps me to make the payment. After which I go ahead and purchase whatever I needed to purchase.

This is brilliant. I use his services at the rate of N 200 to $1. For example, if I needed $5, I would need to pay him 5×200 = N 1, 000 which is very okay by me. If you need his services too, you can contact me.


2. How I Buy Things with Paypal With a Verified PayPal Account

Some few weeks back, I bought a manual from one of my friends. He also an internet entrepreneur with lots of positive result. I read through the manual once but didn’t do anything about it. It was after I read it the third time before I applied what was inside. After which I got myself a verified PayPal account which I also use to buy things with. I didn’t act on it once cause I was so busy making money with my other services :)

If you need the manual too, I can get it over to you at a price. Yes, of course, you would need to make a commitment by buying the manual yourself. To get the manual, simply do the following;

1. To make a payment of N 4, 900 (Two thousand Five Hundred Naira),

Simply send us a mail using the contact form on the contact us page.

Please make sure you state your full name, email address, your full location, your phone number(s), your occupation and the title or the name of what you want. Please, be rest assured that your information is safe with us. We just need your information to know who our customers/clients are…

With this manual, you would be able to buy stuffs every time you need to.


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  1. Adesoji Adegbulu says

    Read through. but did you read their affiliate terms well? It’s difficult to make much money being their affiliate. trust me on that

  2. says

    Nice! !!The tag "paypalaccountsubstitute" is being used by me just to make sure that Nigerians get using alertpay and get it noticed to it as much sites nowadays support it.You know;thats marketing strategy for Nigerians to also make do with it as there is no fear of your account being limited and cancelled.I do use it for most of my transactions online and I use paypal once in a while as a friend of mine just lost 100 dollars to them.thanks! !!

  3. Adesoji Adegbulu says

    Adesida… It is easy to fund your Alert pay. For paypal, your account is already limited. Just be careful of the transactions you make every time so as not to raise an alarm. Also note, AlertPay is NO substitute for PayPal

  4. Adesoji Adegbulu says

    Ikenna. You can open a paypal account using other countries but you wont be able to use the account for business. The best method is to use some tricks or ask those who has a verified paypal account to help you make purchases and you then pay them for the serrvice

  5. says

    How can you open a paypal account in Ghana. They banned Nigeria and Ghana but I need a Paypal account as a blogger, is there a way to open a Paypal account even when the country you live in is banned?

  6. says

    I really like your write up but what do you have to say bout funding your paypal account and is it easy? But I just funded my verified PayPal account with 10 dollars within 2hrs and I’m bout trying to fund my verified Paypal the same way but I’m scared of Paypal not to limit my account upon funding it and what is your advise for me?

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