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The’s Best of 2016: Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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Affiliate Marketing

The’s Best of 2016: Affiliate Marketing Strategies

It’s the time of the year to let you know and get access to the best contents published on the Money Blog during the year 2016. In this article, you will get a summary of the best contents on affiliate marketing strategies that got the most views and usage by thousands (and hundreds of thousands) of people all over the world.

affiliate marketing strategies


Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies

We published lots of content on affiliate marketing strategies, however, some of them got the most views, read, conversions and usage. Here are they;

1. The Successful Strategies for Promoting Products as an Affiliate

To be successful (earn a lot of money) with affiliate marketing, you need to know and do the successful strategies for promoting products as an affiliate. The strategies need to be implemented by you either you promote other people’s (or a company’s) product or service for a percentage commission on each sale. These successful strategies are what successful affiliate marketers use. And, there’s nothing stopping you from knowing and using them as well. [Continue Reading]

2. The Products You Should Promote on Jumia Nigeria

I’ve seen a lot of affiliates for Jumia Nigeria complaining about how much they get from every sale they generate. An example is someone who said he sold a product worth ₦76,244,00 and received a commission of ₦66.88 from Jumia. If you ask me, that’s really little income from the product the person promoted. Though, I can’t speak for Jumia about the payments but I can speak about the percentage commissions you get from the products you sell. [Continue Reading]

3. Steps to Make Your First Affiliate Marketing Commission

Doing affiliate marketing without earning affiliate marketing commission is like digging a very deep well to find water and discovering none. Before you start tracing back your steps and quitting affiliate marketing, here is an opportunity for you to learn the thing you need to do in order to make your first real affiliate marketing commission. Real in the sense that, you won’t only see your earnings virtually, you will be paid your commission as at when due. You don’t want to start covering back the well you dug without first doing what you will find further below. [Continue Reading]

4. 5 Steps to Promote Konga through Twitter, Instagram and BBM

If you are an affiliate for Konga, one of the things you should do daily is to promote Konga through social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Also on social messengers like BlackBerry messenger. The reason why you need to do this is to first help the people you have on the social media sites and social media messengers to locate on Konga what they are looking for. After which, you get to keep increasing your earnings when these people make a purchase via your affiliate links. [Continue Reading]

5. How to Generate Your Affiliate Links on the New Jumia Affiliate Platform

Jumia Nigeria just delivered a big news about the new Jumia affiliate platform. According to the affiliate manager, the new platform is a better platform that will provide Jumia affiliates with everything they need to become even more successful. The new platform will give affiliates higher commissions, a simple user interface, commissions on app installs, accurate tracking, faster payments and so much more! [Continue Reading]

6. Using Direct Links Effectively in Affiliate Marketing

All affiliate marketers use their affiliate links to promote other people’s products or services. The nature of these affiliate links is to carry a parameter (name or a number). The name can either be the affiliate marketer’s username or a choice name. The number can either be a generic number or the number of the affiliate’s position on the numbers of the affiliate for a particular product or service. Some affiliate marketers choose to cloak their affiliate links while others choose to use affiliate directly. Whichever one you use, it’s time you include the advanced direct links into your affiliate marketing techniques. [Continue Reading]

7. The Affiliate Marketing Guide You Should Read and Earn with

I can’t overstate that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online as a website owner or blogger. However, some people still don’t get how affiliate marketing works. Here’s why I am putting up this affiliate marketing guide. In it, I will try to summarize what needs to be known and done about affiliate marketing. Please note, this affiliate marketing guide is a guide you need to spend time on and make the best out of. [Continue Reading]

These are just seven (7) out of the many affiliate marketing strategies we published on this blog in 2016. We also have top contents on affiliate marketing published previous years but which are evergreen. You can check them out via the topics on affiliate marketing.

Make sure you read and understand our best affiliate marketing strategies for 2016. If there’s anything you want clarification on or need help with, you can always make a comment on any of the articles you read. We’ll be glad to assist you effectively so you could make the best out of affiliate marketing today and in the coming days.


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The Money Blog ( was created in July 2010 by Adesoji Adegbulu to provide quality contents anyone can use for the purpose of building successful online businesses, making real money online and creating wealth legitimately.

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