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This blog made the first page of Google (the biggest search engine) in the first three month of it’s availability online and has consistently being on Google’s first page every other month for it’s main keyword (Make Money Online Nigeria) since October 2010. With a present high Search Engine Optimization Score for the keyword “Make Money Online Nigeria”, this blog ranks high on search engines and gets across to the right target market. What this simply means is that, whenever people search for Make Money Online Nigeria and anything related to the keyword on Google, Bing and Yahoo! they would see this blog listed among the first 10 search results.

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Traffic Stats
Average Monthly Page views: 110,021.46
Average Monthly Unique Visits: 44,556.62
Average Monthly Readers Activity: 35,377.92
Average time spent on this site: 2 minutes, 44 seconds

For more traffic stats, please read Make Money Online Nigeria Traffic Report

How much does it cost to place advertise on Make Money Online Nigeria?

To place advert(s) on Make Money Online Nigeria, please note that these are the available advert spaces and prices. The minimum duration (how long your advert will be shown) is one month (30days)


All advert types as aboveAll advert location as aboveRotatedAll advert size as above₦0.25 per impression and ₦100.00 per clickAs long as you wantYes, for Nigerian advertisers only. Will be extended later
Blog Header (on all pages)Under Site Logo & Site taglineRotated728×90 ad size (banner or text) ₦30,000 ($150)30 DaysYes
Within posts (on all posts pages)Before posts (top)Rotated300×250 ad size (banner or text)₦20,000 ($100)30 DaysYes
On Sidebar (on all pages except home page)Above fold (top)Rotated300×250 ad size (banner or text)₦15,000 ($75)30 DaysYes
On Sidebar (on all pages except home page)Little bit lower (middle)Rotated300×250 ad size (banner or text) ₦12,000 ($60)30 DaysYes
On Sidebar (on all pages except home page)BottomRotated300×250 ad size (banner or text) ₦9,000 ($45)30 DaysYes
Within posts (on all post pages except)After posts (bottom)Rotated600×250 ad size (banner or text)₦12,000 ($60)30 DaysYes
On home page only (in between posts blocks)Any locationNot Rotated728×90, 300×250 or 970x90 ad size (banner or text)₦10,000 ($50)15 DaysYes

Other advert types are as follows;

– Product Reviews/Sponsored Posts = ₦20,000 ($100)
– Email Subscribers ad (Sending your stuff to my email list): ₦3,000 ($15) per email sent to all subscribers.
– Sponsored Status Update on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin = ₦5,000 ($25) (or more depending on your requirements)

Please note, the time frame for all the above advert types is 30 days and 30 nights. However, you can by more days in multiples on 30 (i.e. 60 days, 90 days, 120 days etc). If you buy more than 150 days (i.e. 180 days), you get 30 days free as addition. If you can’t afford the price for 30days, you can run your ads for a few days. You just need to calculate how much your days will cost you with respect to the advert costs for 30 days. If you go for the 798×90 ad/text placement, I will also promote you on Facebook and on Twitter. The mode of payment for adverts is either Paypal or Bank deposit. If you are an internet marketer, I can do JV with you but I will need to review your product before I can promote it. The advert rates increases as time passes by, get your placement today! In addition, as an advertisers you can specify where their ads will show.

Also, a further explanation on the ₦0.25 per impression and ₦100.00 per click advert pricing. What this mean is that you only pay for the impressions and the clicks your advert generates. Since you don’t know the amount of impressions and clicks your advert will generate, you can specify a certain amount of money you want to use for advertising and you’ll get the result you need. For example, if you have only ₦3000 to spend, your advert will end when it generates 12,000 impressions OR it will end when your advert generates 30 clicks. You can go for either impression based advert or click based advert or both. No need to worry, clicks and impressions from logged in users and bots are not counted on the stats.

If you would like more information or you want to advertise on Make Money Online Nigeria with any of the available ad placements, please use the form on the contact page to send us a detailed mail about the types of ads you want or the ad types you want more information on. We would get back to you as soon as possible.


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  • I must commend you for a wonderful job done SEO for your blog. I am into info marketing and i chose the same keyword “Make Money Online in Nigeria” as my blog title but i am completely lost in search engine.

    I’ll appreciate if you will share some useful tips on how to get backlinks as well other useful tips that got you on page 1 with me.

  • I am having this challenge with my blog. It doesn’t open fast as required, I feel the graphics aspect can still be tushed, and sometimes the view changes depending on how good is the network. Finally as a manager of a blog centering on a particular campus(futminna). I need tips on how I can make money on my blog. Thanks as I anticipate your reply.

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