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33 Websites that Pay You to Write for Them

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I’ve been looking for more websites that pays people to write for them. I should have done this earlier but there were so many things taking my attention. The good thing is, a friend of mine (Onibalusi Bamidele) wrote about the websites that pay people to write for them. I’m here to share some of the websites and provide you a link to read up the remaining.

Here are the 33 websites that pay you to write.

#28. MakeUseOf

Niche: Tech

Payment Method: Paypal

MakeUseOf is one of the top tech blogs online, and with over 450,000 subscribers, by getting your content published on MakeUseOf, not only will you be able to gain exposure and get your content in front of thousands of people, you will also be paid $50 for an article published, or more if you follow some guidelines.

#29. Most Inspired
Niche: Design/Inspiration

Payment Method: Unknown

Most Inspired is another design/inspiration blog you can contribute an article to, and aside from getting exposure for your content, you will be paid based on the quality of your article.

#30. Crazy Leaf
Niche: Design

Payment Method: Paypal

By contributing an article to Crazy Leaf, aside from being able to show your skills to thousands of people, you will also be paid depending on how good your article is.

#31. InstantShift
Niche: Design/Programming

Payment Method: Unknown

InstantShift is a popular design and programming blog that pay you for articles based on the quality of the article submitted. The site is well-respected and has a good reputation, so you should be able to make a great income for quality articles you submit.

#32. PVM Garage
Niche: Design/Coding

Payment Method: Paypal

This is another great design website that offers payment based on the quality and volume of the article submitted.

#33. Noupe
Niche: Design/Coding

Payment Method: Unknown

A part of the Smashing Network, Noupe is another great web design blog that is well-respected. You can easily contribute great content and get exposure for your work while at the same time getting paid. The payment is unspecified, but Noupe is a well-respected blog online so you should expect to be paid something great for your quality submissions.

To read more and get to know about the remaining websites that pay people to write for them, please go to Writers in Charge’s Websites that pays


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