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How to Rightly Increase your AdSense CPC on a Nigeria Focused Blog

I got an email from a reader asking me to “please teach me how to increase my AdSense CPC”. In response to the email, I’m here to teach you what you need to do to rightly in order increase your AdSense CPC (cost per click). This would help improve your AdSense income daily. Please note, like you read from the title of this post. What you will find here are

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Lists of Inactive Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria

  At the beginning of the month of Sept., 2014, the Nigerian Communications Commission listed 13 inactive telecommunication companies in Nigeria. These operators/companies became inactive after they lost their customers to competition from other telecos. They had since gone into extinction and could no longer offer competitive services to their customers, who decided to port to other network operators. This list was released in order to protect the public from

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3 Effective Steps to Financial Success

Financial success is not restricted to a few elite individuals. Look at the lives of many wealthy people: Richard Brandson, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki or Donald Trump. They achieved financial success not because they are extraordinarily gifted, but because they constantly apply the key wealth creation principles and practice to their lives. The truth is, they were not born affluent, they worked into becoming affluent. You too can only if

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How to Make Real Money Online in Nigeria As An Undergraduate

Before we get ahead, I need you to know that you can make real money online as an undergraduate. Are you worried about your finances? There are ways to earn while you learn without boycotting school. You will find some options in this post. It is not bad if you can start making at least N 5, 000 every week from the internet. That make N 20, 000 in a

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How to Legitimately Make More than 5 Euro Per Day with Google AdSense

It is possible to start making more than €5 per day on the adsense ads displayed on your blog or website. This you can do legitimately without trying to cut corners for earning more with your Adsense Ads. In the first place, you will need to find high-paying niche markets. Please note: you should never click on the Adsense ads you display on your website or blog. You would be

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Reach More Customers with Twitter Ads

Whether you’re trying to gain more followers, drive website traffic or capture leads, create a Twitter Ads campaign that does just that. Twitter is growing bigger daily and it’s a micro-blogging/social media network you can use to improve your business success online. And the good thing is, Twitter Ads is open for anybody to use. If you are on Twitter already, you should step up your use of Twitter for

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Make Cheap Voice Calls from Google Hangouts

Starting today you can make voice calls from Google Hangouts on Android, iOS and the web. It’s free to call other Hangouts users, it’s free to call numbers in the U.S. and Canada, and the international rates are really low. So keeping in touch is easier and more affordable than ever. For Nigeria, voice calls to landlines and mobiles costs just 5cents per minute. With this, you can make instant

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7 Ways To Make Integrity the Heart and Soul of Your Business

This is a guest post by Akinjide Akindele-Ojo. If you want to be a guest author for this blog, please Submit your Guest Post for review.   As an entrepreneur or solopreneur as I like to call myself these days, I constantly worry about failing. It is a known fact that a high percentage of Small Businesses fail within the first couple of years of operation. For this reason, I

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Do You Have a Functional Blog?

Wikipedia defines a functional blog as a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web (WWW) and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). There are different types of functional blogs, depending on what you are using the blog for. I have a personal blog where I write posts about things peculiar to me and I have this

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